Tuesday, February 25, 2014

C4K #1

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Strange has assigned us each a student from a kid blog in which we were to comment on one of their posts. This is known as C4K, Comments for Kids. I have found so much joy in reading these students' blogs and commenting on them. It's interesting to see what different teachers assign for blog posts, what students actually complete the assignments, and if the students are even writing on their blog in their own spare time. I think it's great that teachers are having their students start blogging at a young age.

For my first C4K assignment, I commented on Conor's blog in Ms. Toal's Class Blog. In one of his posts, Conor wrote about what he had for breakfast. It was only a few words long, but I loved it because I love breakfast food. Conor wrote about how he had pancakes for breakfast. In my comment, I asked a few questions such as if he made them from scratch, did he have any help in making them, and I was curious as to what he liked to put on top of his pancakes. After a few days of anxiously awaiting to hear more about Conor's pancake breakfast, I got a reply! Conor said, "Hi Ashley my mam and I make them from scratch. I enjoy chocolate spread or butter my mam likes jam and cream on hers." I personally like to go the traditional route with my pancakes and only put butter and syrup on top, but I really enjoyed hearing what Conor had to say. I'm glad I was able to ask questions and get more detail out of him. Detail can be so important.

For my second C4K assignment, I was assigned Joey's blog in Mrs. Caddy's Class Blog. We were asked to respond to the quick survey that the student we were assigned to had created and posted on his/her blog. Joey asked several questions in his survey; a total of 10 to be exact. The questions ranged from "what is your favorite color" to ""what is your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?" One of the questions that Joey asked in his survey was, "If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?" I loved answering this question because I love to travel. People always tell me that I've got wanderlust. For this question, I answered that if I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Greece. My grandfather is Greek and I would love to go learn about my heritage. Greece is such a beautiful place. I would want to go to Mykonos, Athens, and Santorini. I really enjoyed completing his survey. Joey asked a lot of great questions.

A little girl at her computer wondering what to blog about

For my third C4K assignment, I commented on Darnell's blog in Ms. Ruiz's Class Blog. For one particular blog post assignment, Darnell and his classmates were asked by their to teacher to blog about their own dreams. Not just the "I want a billion dollars" dreams, but about the ones that could really come true. I think this is great blog post assignment. It gets the students really thinking and the teachers are able to learn a little bit more about their aspirations. Darnell's dream is to go to the University of Texas where we he wants to major in business. He actually wants to open his own shoe store that sells all kinds of shoes such as Nikes and Jordans. Darnell also said that he wants to meet a beautiful, smart women and ask her to marry him in the most romantic way possible. After that, he wants to have kids at age 25 because that's his favorite number. Darnell believes that dreams are made of setting goals for yourself, and I agree completely. On his post, I commented that I loved how he was dreaming big with wanting to open his own shoe store. I also reminded Darnell to use correct punctuation such as periods and commas when needed. I hope that all of Darnell's dreams come true. Never be afraid to set high goals for yourself and have the courage to pursue them.

Lastly, for my fourth C4K assignment, I commented on Breton's blog in Mrs. Long's Class Blog. Breton's post that I commented on was very interesting because he wrote about one of his findings in his grandpa's house. He was looking around and he found his Uncle's old guitar. After asking, his Uncle let him have it. Breton said that the guitar is a late 90's model of a Peavey Predator. Those guitars run for about $200, but hey, he got it for free. Breton mentioned how we shouldn't bother looking up the guitar because all we would be able to find is newer models, but I just had to. I commented how I thought those guitars were very nice and how he made a priceless find. I also commented how with a little exploration, we never know what we might find at our grandparent's house. Then I ended with asking Breton if he knew how to play the guitar and if so, how long had he been playing. I'm sure Breton is enjoying his new guitar as we speak.

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