Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post #13

Watch the video Blogging for Elementary Students, then explain what you think about blogging in elementary grades. Did the video give you any insight?

EDM310 consists of a lot of blogging. Dr. Strange is a huge advocate of having students blog, not just at the collegiate level. We have watched numerous videos during the semester that have to do with younger students blogging and we have had to comment on students blogs. At first, I was unsure how I felt about younger students blogging, but I now have a completely different mindset. After watching the video mentioned earlier, I realized just how many benefits there are to blogging.
The numerous benefits of blogging
In the video, students tell a little bit about how blogging has benefited them. I guess I was so hesitant at first because blogging was never apart of my life growing up, but I think that is just the problem. We can no longer teach students in the way we were taught. Blogging is something new and exciting to me and as a future educator, it makes me even more excited to learn more about it and the ways in which it can help students. I want my classroom to be as engaging, creative, and fun as possible. I believe that you can incorporate blogging into almost any subject. After watching the video, I most definitely think that blogging is important for elementary students. If we teach them to blog at a young age, then they are already so many steps ahead. Blogging teaches students to be communicators, share, gain a sense of ownership, collaborate, discuss, interact, participate, engage, etc. The list really could go on and on. I think one thing that is very important when it comes to blogging in the elementary grades is that it teaches them literacy skills. I want to teach either kindergarten, first, or second grade. During those grades, students are learning how to master reading, spelling, and writing. Blogging can be a very excellent educational tool when it comes to these things. Overall, I think that blogging is great and should be a part of the everyday elementary classroom.


  1. Ashley, I loved your post about blogging and how it is beneficial for kids! I for one have noticed ever since taking this class that blogging is not only fun, but important as well in our learning path. It helps kids develop their writing skills as well as helps them socialize in a new and different way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Ashley! I enjoyed your blog. It flowed together and was very thorough. I can agree with us not teaching students how we were taught because time, as well as technology, is different. Blogging is beneficial and can be used to promote or address and issue that is important that people may overlook. In the elementary grades it does teach them literacy. Keep up the good work!