Thursday, April 3, 2014

C4K #2

Little girl under the monkey bars
For my first C4K assignment, I commented on a little girl's blog named Esther in Mrs. She's second year class (Little Voices, Little Scholars). The kids in Mrs. She's class blog about their literacy learning process. The children write their own stories and draw pictures to illustrate their stories. They also record their stories in movies and post them on their blogs. On Esther's blog, I watched her movie on her story about fitness time. In her movie, Esther said that during fitness time they ran fast and hopped like frogs, as well as many more fun activities. In my comment, I told Esther how much I enjoyed watching her movie. I think it's so great that kids are learning how to use so much technology, especially at a young age. I told her that I bet she got so tired jumping around like a frog and to keep up the good work. I really enjoyed looking at more of Esther's videos and learning more about what they do in their class. One of the programs that they use to draw their pictures is known as Kid Pix. I had never heard of that before, so it was neat to learn something new through this process.

For my second C4K assignment, I commented on Kevine's blog at Pt. England School. In one of his posts, Kevine created a little Bio Poem about herself. Some of the things I found interesting about Kevine was that she wants to go to the UK and she wants to meet Kesha and Katy Perry. In my comment, I told Kevine that I really enjoyed reading a little bit about her. I told her that we had a lot in common because I like watermelon and playing sports too! I asked her what kind of sports she likes to play. I also told her that I thought it was interesting that she wanted to go to the UK. I asked her why she wanted to go there so badly and told her that I hope she gets to go one day.
A bunch of words related to blogging
I haven't gotten a response, but I'm anxiously waiting! Then, for my third C4T assignment, I commented on another student's blog from Pt. England School named Mao. Mao's blog was very neat and you can tell that he puts a lot of effort into creating his blogs. The particular post that I commented on was titled My School Highlight for Term 1. Mao said that his highlight was getting to start Technology at Tamaki College every Tuesday morning. He said that they all get to split up into three groups in which they work on either Hard Material, Graphics, or Cooking. Mao said that he enjoyed doing Graphics the most. In my comment, I wrote how Graphic Design seems like a really cool thing to be interested in. I also asked Mao what were some of the art activities that he was able to participate in. Being able to read these young students blogs is so wonderful to me.

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