Sunday, April 6, 2014

Interview Project #10


  1. Hi Ashley! I'm Sarah Richerson and I'm in Dr. Strange's EDM 510 class. I enjoyed watching your video interview on technology in the classroom, especially since my son is in preschool at Cottage Hill. (He is in the same class as Mrs. Chambers' children.) I found it interesting that SMARTboards are not in every classroom at Cottage Hill, although they do integrate technology early because my son's K2 class has a computer class once a week. Is this surprising to you since most public schools have SMARTboards in every classroom? Do you think students will be behind the public school children or is the other technology they have, such as computer labs, sufficient?
    The sound and video were a little off track, but good job on your project!

  2. Very good interview! Mrs. Chamber's shared a lot of valuable information with you on technology in the classroom. It seems funding is a problem in smaller school with getting SMARTBoards and improving technology. It is great she is excited about the new technology to come to her classroom in the future!