Wednesday, April 23, 2014

C4K #3

For my first C4K assignment for the month of April, I read and commented on Adriel's Blog at Pt. England School. Adriel is a Year 5 student at Pt. England School in Auckland, NZ. I had the privilege of commenting on one of Adriel's blog posts titled, The Key Competencies. For this blog post, Adriel made a Google Slide presentation on the Key Competencies. In her slideshow, she starts off by defining the key competencies.
The Key Competencies
Adriel mentions that at her school, they use the key competencies to make sure that they are always doing the right thing in order to succeed and become lifelong learners. According to the slideshow, the five Key Competencies include: managing self, participating and contributing, related to others, thinking, and using language, symbols, and text. Adriel does a wonderful job at explaining each of these keys to success. In my comment, I told Adriel how much I enjoyed viewing her slide presentation. I also told her that I think it's great that she is wanting to do well in school and follow these Key Competencies. I asked Adriel if she had any examples of how she helps participate and contribute around her school. I have not gotten a response yet, but I will keep my hopes up! Adriel did a wonderful job for her blog post. Go check out her slideshow. She also has a lot of newer blog posts that are great.

For my second C4K assignment for the month of April, I read and commented on David's Blog at Pt. England School. David is a Year 4 student at Pt. England School. David's blog was full of many wonderful posts, but I read David's post titled, Cops and Robbers. This post was about an online math game called Cops and Robbers that has to do with plugging in X and Y coordinates.
A screenshot of the Cops and Robbers game
In his blog, David gives the link to the game if you want to go check it out and play it. In my comment, I told David that I had never heard of this game before but that I really enjoyed playing it. It took me 12 guesses to find the robber. I also asked David if he chose this particular game to put in his blog post because they were learning about X and Y coordinates in Math. This was a really fun, educational Math game and a great blog post.

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