Sunday, April 27, 2014

C4T #4

For my fourth and final C4T assignment, I read and commented on Bill Genereux's blog known as TechIntersect. Bill is an Associate Professor of Computer Systems Technology at Kansas State University. He teaches courses that have to do with things like web development, networking, and computer programming. It seems to me that Bill would be the type of guy that is an expert when it comes to using technology in the classroom. The first blog post that I read and commented on was titled, Pearson's View of the Future. It is simply a Youtube video about what education might look like in the future (check out the video here). The video was very interesting to me. I always like to see things that have to do with the future and how things might change over the next few years.
A sign that says the Future is at the next exit
In my comment, I mentioned how I hope that education looks like it does in the video in the future. I love how the young girl in the video, Victoria, was able to receive information that she needed right when she needed it, even if she wasn't in a classroom setting. I also mentioned in my comment that I really liked the whole idea of customizing learning styles and curricula for each student. Being able to customize things for each student is something that could be so beneficial and important for future educators. In the blog post, Mr. Genereux also mentions a book by M.T. Anderson titled, Fred. Apparently the book reminds him a lot of the video. I might just have to buy the book and give it a read.

The next post that I read and commented on was actually on Mr. Genereux's new site. It is still his same blog, he just decided to create his own website. I had to scroll a little to find a post that was really related to education and I found one titled, Don't Know How. This blog post was wonderfully written and very relatable. In the post Mr. Genereux says, "One of the biggest mistakes I think people make is waiting until they know how to do something before they begin." I could not agree with this more! The post was basically about how we should learn as we go.
The quote Life is a dance you learn as you go
There is always something new to learn. If we waited until we knew how to do everything, then we would be waiting for the rest of our lives. It's important that we begin DOING. In my comment, I told Mr. Genereux that I am firm believer in trying and learning new things even if we are unsure of how to do them. Trying new things whenever there is uncertainty is how we learn, because we learn from our mistakes. I also mentioned how I think that some of the best knowledge is self-taught knowledge. I think that learning as you go plays a huge role in becoming a great teacher. I really enjoyed this blog post!

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