Thursday, April 3, 2014

C4T #3

For my third C4T assignment, I was assigned to read and comment on Jarrod Robinson's blog known as The P.E. Geek. Mr. Robinson is a Physical Education teacher from Australia. His blog is great because it encourages teachers to use technology (such as apps) as a tool for physical education. This was interesting to me because whenever most people think of physical exercise, they don't think about iPads and apps. Mr. Robinson's blog was full of such great ideas to get kids active, along with various 21st century tools. I don't want to be a P.E. teacher, but these apps can be helpful beyond the classroom. Plus, they were interesting to learn about because I could always be a little more active. The first post that I read and commented on by Mr. Robinson was titled, Top Apps for PE Teachers- Part 31. Since this is Part 31, I guess I've been missing out. This post highlighted four apps that Mr. Robinson thought were worth sharing. Out of the four apps mentioned, the two that I liked the best were the Jump It app and the IceBreaker Game app. The Jump It app includes over 60 balances that build up in difficulty. The IceBreaker Game app includes games to help get children warmed-up. I liked these two the best because they seemed fun. Sometimes it's hard to get kids intrigued and the IceBreaker App seems like a great way to do so. As for the Jump It App, I think it's great because it gives the students a chance to work at their own pace as it progressively builds up. In my comment, I told Mr. Robinson that I really enjoyed reading about the apps that he considered to be some of the best. I also mentioned how great I think it is that he's trying to incorporate technology into P.E. because it will only make the children more eager.

Mr. Robinson's other post that I read and commented on was called, Stretch It- Stretching, Warm Up and Cool Down Task Cards. This app is available to be downloaded on iPads, iPhones/iPods, and Android phones and tablets. This app features numerous stretching activities that get harder as you go along. This is another one of those great apps that progressively get more difficult. With stretching this is great because we don't want anyone pulling a muscle. It's also neat because the students get to see all of the stretches right there in front of them. In my comment, I told Mr. Robinson that I think this app is great because students to get work at their own pace. I also mentioned that I would have to download the app for myself. I haven't gotten the chance to do this just yet, but I plan on it.

Lastly, did I mention that Mr. Robinson creates some of these apps himself? What a genius!

PE Geek: Bridging the Gap Between PE and Technology

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